Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday Recap!

Yesterday was the hubs birthday and we all know that no birthday is complete without a "party"!!! I figured the easiest way to party for us would be a breakfast party!! I had it all put together so it was kind of a surprise party!!  The cake was Matthew's favorite: Causbie's (for those of you not from here, it is our bakery!!) chocolate donuts!! complete with candles, milk, and presents!! ;)

Jagger was so almost more excited than Matthew!! What can I say, we like any excuse to have a party!! Over all it was a great Birthday Breakfast!!
 After the breakfast things got a little crazy!! Hudson had ran fever all night the night before and not just 100 ....not it was up there  102-103...I normally don't stress over things but this is high even for me! and then I knew in the back of my mind everyone was talking about the blizzard that was heading our way! I had already heard that school was probably going to be letting out early!! What should be do?? My main concern was not taking him to the doctor, he got worse and we were snowed in!! 30 minutes later my Father -in-law was at the house, helping us load up to make the 1 hour drive to the doctor!! I had not even called to let them know we were coming. Our main goal was to get there and back home before it got bad!!
 Hudson would not let go of Pa Cp while we at the doctor!!
 While there Hudson tried to show the nurses and doctors that he was not happy about being there! The nurse gave us some medicine to give him because his fever was so high! He kept looking at the nurse and telling her no! I was trying to give him the medicine and he would just spit it out! It was horrible...we finally gave up! This was the mess he made with the medicine...
 They ran every test on him and everything came back great! The doctor was not sure what in the world was causing the high fever! He said it is probably just a virus and to treat the symptoms...lots of fluids and rotate motrin and tylenol!   I was relived that it was nothing but then frustrated we couldn't pin point it!!  So we got back in the car and made the hour drive back home!! Lots of rain on the way home....I really had thought that it would have already been snowing!  The rest of the day was spent cuddling, watching cartoons, and looking out the window to see if it was snowing!! and finally around 2 it started!! Tons of sleet!!!
 This was around was really coming down!!

 The rest of the night was spent eating, watching tractors on ipad, eating, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the old one-1991), eating, reading the bible, and finally sleep! :)

the last words out of Jagger's mouth last night was, " I think I am going to sleep in tomorrow"....... 6:30am this morning he was wide awake so excited about the snow!!! I was shocked to see how much we had got! It is beautiful!! Wow!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!! Stay warm and safe!
Lots of love...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Birthday and What I am Wearing!!!

I am a little bummed right now because in a few hours we are suppose to get another HUGE snow store...They are predicting that roads will be shut down. Many schools in the area have already closed!! Crazy! and my Hudson has ran fever through the night. So since Winter Storm #23578 (I know its only #2 but it feels like we have had a ton!) is within hours of hitting us, I am having to hurry and try to get Hudson to the doctor before it gets bad!! I am a little stressed right now! ;) but on a happy note, today is the hubs birthday!!! 
 Isn't he handsome??? Oh my!!! He gives me butterflies!!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear hubby. Happy Birthday to you!! I love you Matthew and I hope you have the best day ever!! 

What I am Wearing!!! Here is what has been going on in my closet the last week!! I was super pumped to finally get out of sweats!!! 
I love this top!! I call it tye die and I am not sure if that is the right term, but we will use it! It is a thin weight, and oh so comfy!! I put it on with boots, and Akola project necklace!!! 

This was just a teal chiffon blouse that I threw on with brown boots, and gold jewelry!! I love the long length of it. I could possibly get by with wearing leggings with it!! I need a fur vest because I think it would be cute over this!! ;)
I love buffalo plaid!! I decided to wear it with a red vest, and statement necklace!! I really liked this look!! vest again!! I have hardly worn this vest all year and then decided to wear it out in a week!! This was a black turtleneck, leopard belt, brown boots, red vest, and statement necklace!!
Church on Sunday consisted of my one black dress for winter!! For some reason my closet is lacking in dresses for winter???    OH well...its almost spring!     Anywhoo, I put on the black dress with brown boots, brown belt and leopard scarf!!! I love me some black and brown!! ;) 
Well that is all I have for you today!! I pray everyone stays warm and safe over the next few days! (I keep thinking they got the forecast wrong! This is all a joke right??)
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love...

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Favorite Room!

Well here we are, and it's March 3rd!! I can't believe it! Today I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday to share what my favorite room in our house is!

If I could describe our house in one word I would say: Cozy!   Is it fancy? no   Is it new? No   Is it trendy? No   Is it big? No....It's just home! In 7 years we have already made so many wonderful memories in this sweet little nest of 2,000 square feet, I can't imagine living anywhere else!! ;) Matthew bought this house before we got married, and lets just say it had not come to far out of the 70's! We have pretty much redone the whole house! floors, bathrooms, crown molding, painting, new addition (we hired this!)..basically the only room we have not touched is the kitchen! We painted the cabinets and put in new floors, but other than that its the same!
So anyways, with all that being said I would have to say that my favorite room is our "family room/play room". We had this room built on when Hudson was in the hospital. We knew when I got pregnant that we would need some more space! We wanted an extra living space that could be a play room!! and here it is....

I have worried and stressed over getting it "decorated". What should I put on the walls? What kind of tv stand should I get? but then I finally decided to give it a rest because I know in a few years all the toys will be gone, the room will be "perfectly" put together and I will be wishing I could go back to the years of toys and hand me down furniture! :)  (the couch, chair, end tables, and lamps are hand-me-downs from Matthew's sister!)  
My main reason for loving this room, and calling it my favorite....the laughter and memories made in this room!! We spend MOST of our time in this room! We watch tv, play, read books, play,  Hudson has therapy, more play,  we have picnics, Christmas morning watching the kids see what Santa has left, and so much more!! I love this room and will continue to cherish what it brings to our family!!
What is your favorite room in your house??
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Monday, March 2, 2015

Grateful Heart: Hubby's Job!

I am so happy to wake up this morning with a grateful heart! I honestly try to everyday but Monday's it is always on my mind! I am excited to link up with sweet Emily at Ember Grey to share what I am grateful for!!

Today I am grateful for Matthew's job! I think this is truly something that I take for granted! God has given him a job that provides for our family! It pays the bills so we can have a house, heat/air, food in our tummies, and most importantly it allows me to stay at home with my babies!! Now believe me, we are by no means living high off the hog! His job provides for our needs! and thank goodness he is good with money because if not we would be in trouble! But I am oh so grateful for this job! I am also grateful that it provides insurance for our family!!
I am grateful that he works for people who care and have compassion! When I got sick with Hudson, I never in my life dreamed I would be in the hospital for 12 days and then Hudson would be in the hospital for 5 months! Matthew's boss was totally ok with him staying for at least the first month during all of it! Most jobs would not allow this and this was something that meant more to us than all the money in the world!

The other day I was having a selfish moment. I was having the "wants". I want these shoes. I want this furniture. I want Matthew to have a new truck. I want, want, want! If only Matthew made more money..blah blah blah   and God stopped me dead in my tracks.     He basically ask me if what he had given us was not good enough?? He put this example on my heart.....    As parents, or just anyone in general, when we give something to someone we want them to like it. We want them to be happy.  and if they are not?? It makes us sad. It hurts.       I instantly felt this was what God was thinking of me.  He had given Matthew a job that provides for us. He has given us a beautiful healthy family, and so many other things, and instead of being happy with it, I was dreaming of wanting other things!! Shame on me! God has given us EXACTLY what we need. Exactly what he wants us to have!! What an awesome thing! He picked out every thing in my life for me!

So again, I am grateful for Matthew's awesome job and what it does for our family!!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Friday Favorites: Back To Life!

We finally made it to Friday!!! Whoooooo...This has seemed like a super long week and since I feel like this

   it has made it all worse!! Small tidbit about me: My sinuses HATE me!! I get sinus infections all the time, but since I am super mom I refuse to go to the doctor!! or maybe they call that hard headed :)

Ok enough about my sinuses, let get to the good stuff! Since it's Friday, I am linking up with these three lovely ladies: AndreaErika, and Narci.

*Favorite Outfit: lets just say the last week my wardrobe has been far from fabulous!!! sweats and sweatshirts! I mean really how else are you suppose to dress when you are snowed in for a week???
believe me when I say it was pretty amazing!!!

*Favorite Jagger moment: playing!! I love when we get to play with this boy! just good ol playin' phones....just us and toys!! It is great and I will be so sad when the day comes that he thinks he is too old for toys!! He has a great imagination and I love to see what he can come up with to play!
At this point he was using the Imaginext castle as Grandpa's farm shed and all the characters lined up are Grandpa, Grandma and the farm hands!! It was hysterical! Jagger was Grandpa, Matthew was one of the farm hands, and I was Grandma!! We were cracking up! I love these sweet memories! ;)

*Favorite Hudson moment:  In the last few months Hudson has gotten to where he needs to be busy or he gets in trouble!! His attention span is not long so I am constantly having to find stuff for him to do! He loves to help! Help clean up. Help sweep. Help put clothes in laundry basket. Help put stuff in trash! He gets so proud of himself when he gets I took advantage and had this boy helping with laundry!!
I have a feeling there will be one day he doesn't want to help so I will have to pull this picture out to remind him!! ;)

*Favorite Family Moment: I normally try to have one night designated during the week that is strictly a family night! We cook supper and then watch a movie! These are some of my favorite nights because it is just us!! We don't have to go anywhere. We just relax and enjoy each other! Last night was our family night! We cooked homemade pizza and watch a movie I had picked up at our church library..Little Red Wagon! It's such a great family movie!
Matthew told us to say "cheese" and this is what he got! Hudson's face cracks me up!! He was saying Cheese! ;)

*Favorite snack:    Well my favorite time of the year is coming up! Spring!!! and guess what that means???? Easter Candy!!! Be still my heart! Easter Candy makes me so happy!!!! It is hands down the best candy of the year and some of it ONLY comes out at Easter! I picked up a bag of these and within about 5 minutes was thinking I made a mistake because they are so addicting!!
and don't forget all this other yummy stuff...

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love..

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What I Am Wearing!!

Happy Wednesday!!! I was so excited that the sun came out yesterday! It instantly made my mood better! ;) What is it about sunshine that makes people happy! I am so ready for spring!

Well, I have a feeling my closet from this last week is going to disappoint! I only got one decent outfit out of the whole week because this is what I have been living in...

sweats, sweats, pjs, and more sweats!!!! ummm...yes that is sweats with rubber boots! Hey, its real life down here! ;)
and the one decent outfit...

I just threw on a plain white tee, brown boots, brown scarf, and my black leather jacket!! I was warm and I love the black and brown together!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love...

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Brain!

Well I am happy to say that our 1st day back on the grind went really well. I was worried being out of school for a week would throw us into a frenzy this morning. Jagger woke up in a great mood and was ready to go, but when Daddy got home at 4;30 we were all asleep!!! EVEN JAGGER!!! This child has not napped since he was 6 months old! ;)
I am doing something a little different today, but I borrowed the idea from my LLBFF(Long Lost Best Friend Forever) Jenny, You should totally check her out! She is pretty awesome and I have enjoyed becoming friends through the "blogland"!  On one of her posts she wrote what was going on in her brain for several hours during the day! It was cracking me up because my brain is nuts!!! I decided to take a piece of paper and write down every thought I had for about 1 hour! Mind you, we were snowed in so some of it is in reference to that!


*I really need to finish laundry.
*My kids are going stir crazy.
*Can we go back to bed?
*Hudson, why do you feed Hank everything you get your hands on????
*oooo..we are out of peanut butter!
*We need to win the lottery!
*Is winning the lottery a sin?
*Wonder what Heather and Tootie are up to??
*Probably still sleeping :)
*I am one lucky momma..

*I hate putting up clothes.
*Hudson, why do you dump everything, and I mean everything out??
*my kids are going stir crazy!

(forgot to put times down on the rest but it was within the next hour)

*It feels amazing to get chores done!!
*Sushi sounds awesome...
*My kids are going stir crazy.
*M-I-C-K-E-Y   M-O-U-S-E   Its the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!
* Wonder if anyone has read my blog today?
* Chocolate cake sounds so good
*I'm sick of bills
*Wonder how Matthew is doing?
*I wish he could be home with us!
*I love him more than he will ever know!
*oooo. His birthday is soon!! I need some ideas for presents..
*Is it spring yet?
*I really want to online shop!
*Whoever invented juice boxes with straws should be hurt!!
*I miss my Megan's Daily Bread customers
*I really need to exercise.
*Thank you Jesus for this day and everything you have given me!

Well there it is... my brain in about 1 hour!!! Cracks me up! and I am almost positive I forgot some....
so is your brain constantly going or are you able to tone it down a little???

Hope everyone has a blessed day!!
Lots of love..