Thursday, August 21, 2014

Closet Diaries: Whats In Your Closet?

Today is a different type of post for me but I am giddy I am so excited about it! I am pairing up with my really good friend, Fanny Pack Mom (Audra is her real name but I am enjoying calling her Fanny!). Fanny and I have what you could call a history together, a 13 or 14 year history! Here is a couple of pics I found of the two of us back in the day!! Fanny, I think we need to dig out some better pictures from our parents house! but these will work for now!

and yes that is a crown on my head- explanation to come!

 We met when my dad starting working for her family's business- Sunrise Honda! When we met, we instantly clicked! She was like the sister I never had. I loved being with their family. I am pretty sure I moved in. As I look back and think on it, I thought their family was awesome. Here I was an only child and they had 3 kids in their home so something was always going on. I took her little sister, Abby, like she was my own little baby! This family has and always will hold a special spot in my heart!
Anyways life moved on and we went our own ways but we still seemed to always stay in touch. I was super excited when Fanny told me she was starting a blog!! We text almost everyday and talk about how cool it would be for our blogs to grow to 10,000 followers! We like to dream big!
When Fanny and I were younger we were definitely  fashionistas!! We loved to look our best and wouldn't go anywhere without spending a good hour in her bathroom getting ready! We both have always enjoyed fashion but the older we have gotten our styles have changed! This is where our blogs come in. We thought it would be neat to share things about our closets! Same questions, different closets. Hope you enjoy....

*Oldest item in closet: This was kind of hard for me because I had a few t-shirts that go back to my senior year but the farther I started digging I did find a two extra special pieces....
Enter the dress I wore in the Holiday of Lights pageant in 2001 ( I think this is the year, not 100%), so the dress is 13 years old!!
and for the fun of it I thought I would try and SQUEEZE myself into it!
I made an attempt. I did get it on but will not be showing the picture from the back! I didn't get it zipped up!! oh well, good try! Maybe its time to get rid of the 13 year old dress! Here is what it looked like 13 years ago...
This is me, after I won the pageant, with Fanny's sister, Abby!
Enough about the dress...While I was digging, I came across one other item that I am almost positive is older than the dress. These...
These grey shorts I have had for years. So many years, I don't even remember not having them. They are some type of cheerleading shorts, and I only cheered up until my 9th grade year, which would have been 2000. So these are old and the more I think about it, Fanny are these your shorts??

Best Bargain: I don't have many true bargains in my closet. Yes, I find shirts at TJ Maxx for $12.99 or Target for $20 but a true bargain to me is when I get some thing that is on sale and it such a great item you can't live without it! Sale items don't happen to me much, but this one did!

Michael Kors purse! I found this beauty on Thanksgiving morning at 5am. No I wasn't at a store. I was in my home, rocking sweet Hudson back to sleep! Thank you and your amazing sale that I stumbled across while mentally and physically exhausted from night time bottle feeds. This purse was originally $358 and I paid $99 for it!!! I will say it again...originally $358, paid $99. Yes, this is a bargain in my book!!

Favorite accessory: I'm not much of an accessory person. I have a lot of cute jewelry but feel like I don't know what to wear it with! I'm weird but I do love my wedding ring and I have a favorite watch I wear almost everyday....It is for sure my favorite accessory.
Michael Kors, you make this girl happy! Keep up the good work!
Favorite go-to item: a good pair of skinny jeans!! I am in love with skinny jeans! They look good with so many things. You can't go wrong....I typically can throw a pair on and it goes with any top or shoes I have on...
skinny jeans with boots:
skinny jeans with converse:
with flip flops:

with flats:
and with the cute heel:

Well that's all I have for you! Don't forget to check out Fanny and see what she has found in her closet!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our World!

I have said it several times and will keep saying it...I LOVE our new routine!!! It makes this OCD/type A personality very happy! Everyone in my family has been happy. There has not been a lot of whining and just out of control situations! I am almost positive it is because we are getting real sleep! Sleep that we have needed for 6 years!

I have always loved to see how other people spend their day, so I am going to give you a small run down of how our days have been going!!
5:30-6:30 : Mama awakes from her much need beauty sleep! Instantly go to the bathroom, and then turn on the coffee pot! While I am waiting on coffee to start, I get a load of laundry going! Once my coffee is ready, its alone time with my Heavenly Father! This is such precious time for me because the house is quite, and its my opportunity to get "ready" for the day!

6:45- Matthew wakes up and he carries the sleeping big brother to the couch! I turn on Curious George and this give brother a chance to slowly wake up while watching his favorite cartoon!

7:00- baby brother is standing in his crib yelling for someone to come get him! This is where the madness starts. Matthew hops in the shower to start getting ready. Jagger is awake and I have some type of small breakfast ready for the boys. Breakfast is nothing special because Jagger has been eating at school. (The school has a really neat program, where they offer breakfast in the room for everyone. they all eat together in their classroom and so far he has said he eats all of it!) So while Hudson is running around playing, Jagger is eating and watching his cartoon, Mama starts on the lunchbox!
I have been so excited about his lunchbox. Everyday it has been a surprise for him. I am trying to put stuff I know he will eat! I am not on this huge healthy food kick for him because really right now, my main goal is to get him to eat!
Today was solider sandwiches...

Yesterday was Dinos.....I enjoy doing it and it makes it even better knowing that he opens his lunchbox with a smile!

7:20- get clothes on for school, hair brushed and teeth brushed!
7:30-7:40- out the door!! and drive to school

8:00- Hudson and I are typically back home by this time! I have been getting home and putting the laundry in dryer then starting a new load. I make all the beds and straighten up from the morning.

8:30- walk! The last several days we have been going for a walk with my friend, Tiffany. We have been walking around 3 miles a day! This has been excellent for me and it makes me feel so good!

9:40- home! Sitting down for a few minutes to wind down from walk!

10: get on computer! This is my computer/ blogging time! I get caught up on all my reading. I send emails. I write my post for the day! I look retail website, etc. pretty much anything that needs to be done on the computer! Hudson plays while I am doing this or on certain days he has therapy so this would be when he does therapy!!

11:00-11:30 : figure out lunch! Thankfully on Monday I prepared a whole week worth of lunches! I did a meal prep and am so glad I did. I cooked all the food then sorted it out in proportions for each day! When lunch time comes I take out a container, pop it in microwave and then enjoy a healthy lunch!   example: grilled chicken breast, couscous, and green peas or broccoli        taco meat, black beans and brown rice!!

12:00 : eat lunch! 
12:20 : Hudson naps!! He is ready to lay down for a nap and this does vary depending on what we have going on for that day!

The rest of the afternoon until 2 is spent cleaning up the house and preparing for supper! I finish most of the laundry and then I even have a few minutes to read my book or respond to emails!

2:45- pick up brother from school!

3:00- home and enjoying brother!

4:30- daddy home from work! and getting ready for supper!

5:30- supper time! Amen dig in!  This is such an important time of the day for us! We all sit down at the table together. No tv. No distractions! We all talk about a day and discuss what is going on! When we get done with our food, I have been using this time to read our daily bible reading! I figure this a time that we are not yet sleepy so we are paying attention and we are all together with no distractions! It has really been a great thing for us!!

6:00- supper is done and we are cleaning up!

6:30- outside time for a bit!

7:30- bathtime!

8:00- time to wind down, eat a quick snack, brush our teeth, watch one last cartoon

8:30-8:45- asleep!!!

After the kids are in bed, Matthew and I will sit down and watch a movie or like last night we passed out in bed! This has been such a great time for us because we can actually spend time with each other.
Our day is full but I love it! I feel so blessed that  I can stay home with my kids and do things for Jagger while he is at  school! I know that everyday will not be like this because we will have different things going on but I know I can adjust and prepare accordingly!!
Hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday!
 Lots of love..

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


My family is full of picky eaters, 3 out of 4! I am out numbered. I strive to find what they will eat and when we do, we stick with it! Tacos are one of the things that all 3 of my boys will eat! Jagger can eat tacos until he is sick! He loves them, which makes this mama very happy! You want tacos, tacos is it!
With school starting back, I am working very hard at getting us in a routine and so far it has been amazing! We have always been a "fly by the seat of our pants family" and it has been good but I am needing some consistency and time with my hubby (and a little time to read a book). Therefore, routine/schedule is necessary! The last week has been awesome! Our kids are in bed and a sleep before 9. This is amazing in our world. We have actually been able to watch two movies and sit down at night to talk about our day!
So anyways, right before school started Matthew and I decided that Monday-Thursday is our family nights. Theses are nights that we will eat at home and then spend time together. Since its school nights we feel theses are nights we need to eat, spend time together, then get ready for bed! We talked to Jagger and we all came up with Taco Tuesday! Every Tuesday night we will have Tacos for supper - this may get old quick or I will come up with different way to serve them (Taco salad, taco potato, taco soup, etc) and we will watch a movie! Jagger gets to pick the movie every Tuesday night. We are all very excited about this designated night. This morning, Jagger even ask me if tonight we get to eat tacos and watch a movie!!  The movie of choice tonight is: Rio 2!
I have to ask.... Does your family designated nights you do things??? Movie Monday? Taco Tuesday? Pizza night? Game night? etc
Hope everyone has a blessed Taco Tuesday!!!
Lots of love..

Monday, August 18, 2014

Grateful Heart!

This morning I wake up with a grateful heart! What I am grateful for......

*Living in a country where we are free to worship our God! I have been so sad over the Christians being persecuted over seas! I can't imagine what they are going through but what an excellent testimony they are giving......the love they have for Jesus!

*yesterday I got to see my best friend's husband get baptized!! It was awesome. I had actually forgot it was going to happen on this particular Sunday. She had told me but my brain these days does not function on 100%. I happen to get to church and she sent me a text about it! I was so excited that I was there and got to see it! What an awesome blessing!

*Health- right now we are all healthy!!

*Family- we are beyond blessed with awesome family on both sides! I was happy to spend time with mom and dad this weekend. Mom and I love to sit on the computer and find goofy videos on youtube. We will laugh so hard we are snorting and slapping our legs! I love these special moments!

*my cup of coffee this morning! I love getting to wake up and go straight to God with my cup of yummy coffee! best time of the day!

*getting the chance to see Beth Moore! I am getting to see her in Memphis on Friday and I can hardly wait!

What are you grateful for today? Link up with Ember Grey and let us know!
Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Lots of love..

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bennie Buys Boots!

It's 7am, we are up and going strong. We have had breakfast and already suffered an injury! Hudson thought it would be funny to hit his brother in the face with a tractor! It makes for a nice start to a morning! So now that damage control is done, I can sit here for a few minutes in the chaos and enjoy a cup of coffee and tell you about our weekend.

Bennie and Pop came up this weekend. For those of you who do not know, Bennie and Pop are my mom and dad! My grandma decided to come up so I was very excited to see her!

So anyways, lets talk about boots for a minute! We are a boot loving family!! You can never go wrong with a good pair of boots! Ever since Jagger has been a baby that has been Bennie's "thing". She supplies the boots! He has always had a pair of boots in every size. For the longest it was John Deere. I was going to get in the attic and drag them all down but I don't have time this morning. I am pretty sure there are around 7 or 8 pair plus these....

Jagger gets beyond excited when his boots come in! I am telling you it is a serious time when its time to buy or order boots! Just him and Bennie out to find the perfect pair! and Jagger is that boy who will wear them year round! Many times he is out in the yard or at the farm with shorts and boots! He is our real country boy!
It was exciting this year because Hudson is big enough to get his first pair of boots and they are PRECIOUS!!!
and yes that is Hudson's arm grabbing for them!! He loves them...he wants to carry them every where!
He was so funny wearing them! He just keeps looking down at them when he walks! They are so different than the other shoes he has been wearing! I am pretty sure we now have 2 boot lovin' boys!!

and Bennie, your only daughter found these she is really liking if you are thinking your girl needs a pair of boots......

 Well, time to get off here and get ready for church! Hope everyone has a super blessed Sunday! God is good. Lots of love..

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites-Back to School!

I know it has only been two days but if the rest of the year is based off these first two days, it is going to be amazing!! I'm not going to lie, I was one nervous mama, but now I am beyond excited for sweet Jagger and his kindergarten journey!
Here are my favorites from this back to school week!

Favorite Pin:
I found this ever so fitting seeing that I am a new kindergarten mama, and I always love having scripture for my current situation!

Favorite Food: Normally I would post a recipe or something that I have eaten this week but I figured since it is back to school I would show back to school food....

 Back to school isn't complete without some back to school oreos!!!! I love that they say Welcome back! Omgoodness..I love themes!! ;)

Favorite pictures: I think it is so sweet that Hudson is clapping for his brother!! Yay Jagger!

This picture melts my heart!! This is our sweet "Tootie" (her real name is Hadley). She is my 3rd child!!! I love this baby girl so much, and she loves her "dagger"  as she calls him! It looks like she has a HUGE knot on her head but I swear she doesn't, I guess its just the shadow! but those sweet eyes on Jagger....too much precious for one picture!

Favorite moment:  Last night before sleepytime, we were reading our bible story and going through our prayer list. I ask Jagger if there was anyone he wanted to prayer for. His response- a boy in my class who I want to get a frog note ( a frog note means you have been good!)..I thought this was so sweet that he is looking around for kids to pray for!

Favorite Book: no explanation needed!

Link  up and tell us your favorites! Hope everyone has a blessed Friday!
Lots of love..

Thursday, August 14, 2014

First Day Of Kindergarten!

Today is a big day in the Cohn family. It is Jagger's first day of kindergarten! I really never thought this day would come so fast. It feels like yesterday I was in that hospital bed looking at that precious baby boy I was holding in my arms and now, I blinked, and here we are almost 6 years later starting kindergarten! Growing up, you never realize how fast time flies but the older you get the faster it goes. Enjoy every moment!!!
Last night was such an awesome night! Jagger will be in the graduating class of 2027! The parents got together and decided we should do a group picture along with individual pictures. The kids had so much fun running around and playing while we took pictures.

 After the group picture we had to get a picture of the Kindergartener and Senior in the family!! One going in and one coming out!

So anyways, I woke up this morning feeling great! Last night I made sure to get most things sat out. I woke up around 6 to get breakfast going. In our family, Danish rolls are a must! This is something that was new to me when I married Matthew, but he grew up on these. They are basically a cinnamon roll except orange flavoring. My kids love them. I figured the first morning of school would not be complete without a hot orange Danish roll! While fixing breakfast, I got Jagger lunchbox packed. He told me yesterday he would like a turkey sandwich in the shape of a frog (his classroom theme is frogs), ruffle chips, and apples! Frog sandwich coming right up!! We also had frog cupcakes courtesy of Gigi!

 I was so proud of his request, especially the apples...If you know Jagger then you know this is a big deal! The rest of the morning went very smoothly! I thought I would be a huge ball of tears but surprisingly I was not! I did cry yesterday! I actually cried several times yesterday so maybe I got it all out! I am just so excited for this new adventure. I know he is going to have such a wonderful year.
and last but not least the first day of school is not complete without a prayer.....My prayer for you Jagger
Dear God, Thank you for the gift of my child. Please watch over Jagger as he goes  to school this year. Keep him safe every day. Help him to remember that you are right there with him in the halls and classrooms. Help him soak up good knowledge and to dismiss any negative or worldly messages he may hear. Help him treat others with kindness and respect, and to guard his heart with the armor of Your Word. Give him joy and peace! In Jesus Name, Amen.
when I ask him what he wanted to be when he grows up, he answered with own a firework stand!!
Hope everyone has a super blessed first day of school!
Lots of love..